Utah Tech University

Make a GE Status Request

    • Faculty interested in submitting a new course proposal for GE consideration need to complete the GE Request Form, provide a course syllabus, and course schedule. The documents must be emailed to the Director of General Education and the General Education Committee Chair. Refer to the GE Committee for contact information. Deadline for new course requests are due the Monday of the Fall Faculty Workweek.
    • Before the forms are formally submitted to the GE Committee for review, the faculty representative submitting the request will meet with the Chair and Director of the General Education. This is to ensure that the application is filled out correctly and to go over any (potential) issues before the committee formally discusses and votes on the course. (See policy 615)
    • The Chair and Director of General Education will keep faculty updated on the status of the course throughout the semester. There may be instances where the faculty applicant may need to attend a GE Committee meeting to answer questions regarding the course.

For an explanation of the rationale behind the four parts contained within the GE Status Request Form, please read the following section:

Part One: Philosophy of General Education

Applicants should demonstrate that the proposed course is consistent with the philosophy of General Education. This means that courses for which GE status is desired must provide a resource for majors and non-majors alike to broaden their knowledge in a proposed area of study (i.e. humanities, global and cultural perspectives, social sciences, physical sciences).

Part Two: Area Course Criteria

Applicants should provide more specific information about how the content of their proposed course appropriately links to one or more of the General Education “Core Requirements” or “Breadth and Depth Requirements” i.e. humanities, global and cultural perspectives, social sciences, physical sciences. Your course should indicate how it meets each criteria for the GE area to which you are applying for GE Credit. Find the criteria for each area here: “Area Course Criteria”. These criteria reflect state and nation-wide standards for GE area categories.

Part Three: General Education Program Goals

Submitters should provide information pertaining to a set of broad cross-cutting skills and competencies (i.e. critical thinking, information literacy, and written communication) titled the General Education Learning Outcomes. Such competencies, unlike the “Area Course Criteria” (requested in Part Two), cut across discipline-based areas and equip students with highly transferable skill-sets that are vital to the challenges students will face in a rapidly changing society. The Utah System of Higher Education has deemed training in these areas to be imperative for ALL associate and baccalaureate degree holders to be successful civic leaders and participants in the 21st century.

Part Four: Assessment

Submitters should specify the following information for assessment purposes: (1) to what extent does the course meet the designated; and (2) describe in detail an assignment or assignments with which to assess the indicated General Education Program Goals. These assessment activities are in accordance with current shifts in the structure of General Education in Utah and across the United States and UT will provide assessment data to its accreditors regarding the institution’s progress towards meeting these program outcomes.